July 31, 2020
After lots of consideration, I have decided to NOT retire.  However, I will take a sabbatical.  What is a sabbatical?
“a period of time during which someone does not work at his or her regular job and is able to rest, travel, do research, etc”
I will not be available for appointments or emergencies for approximately nine months. I will miss working on your animals and working with you. When I decide to end the sabbatical, I may decide to formally retire.  
There are many good veterinarians in the area.  If you cannot find one to fit your needs, leave me a message with what you are looking for and I will try to help you find a veterinarian.  If you need a copy of your medical records please call 303-683-4634 ext #2.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for a response.
Thank you for letting me care for your animals.
Dale. R. Rice MS DVM